Advanced Battery Conference 2016

26. April 2016



10:00  -  10:10

Prof. Dr. Martin Winter
WWU Münster, MEET



10:10  -  10:25

Dr. Peter Schroth
Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Plenary Talk 1


10:25  -  11:10

All solid state Batteries – A longer life without liquids?
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Janek
Justus-Liebig Universität Gießen

Plenary Talk 2


11:10  -  11:55

LG Chem’s Latest Technological Trends in EV Battery
Seung-Taek Hong
Senior Manager at LG Chem’s Advanced Automotive Battery Development Center

Plenary Talk 3


11:55  -  12:40

Feasibility Study Lithium Ion Battery Factory
Markus Hackmann
P3 automotive GmbH, Stuttgart

Parallel Session 1

Congress-Hall / Roter Saal / Weisser Saal

14:20  -  15:35

Session 1A: Lithium ion cells: materials and improvements on properties
Location: Congress-Hall
Session Chair: Dr. Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens

14:20Towards high performance and scalable preparation of Si based anode materialsProfessor Jun YangShanghai Jiao Tong University
14:50Conversion-alloying anode materials for lithium-ion batteriesFranziska MüllerKarlsruher Institute of Technology
15:05Carbon black structures in NCM cathodes - Quantification and correlation with electrode propertiesHenrike BockholtTechnische Universität Braunschweig
15:20Surface analysis of Li-ion battery composite cathodes: SEI composition in function of spatial origin and cycling protocolNatalia SchulzDarmstadt University of Technology
15:35Beneficial effect of sulfur and boron-based electrolyte additives on the cycling stability of a lithium-rich cathode material at high potentialDr. Agnese BirrozziKarlsruhe Institute of Technology



Session 1B: Battery systems
Location: Roter Saal
Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Peter Birke and Dr. Christian Hille

14:20Using Simpler Measuring Methods for Electrical Modelling of Lithium-Ion-Batteries in Cost-Efficient, Self-Sufficient Energy SystemsM. Sc. Pablo Korth Pereira FerrazTechnische Universität Berlin
14:35Different simulation methodologies approach for a lithium-ion energy storage systems thermal behavior.Dr Gorka VertizIk4-Cidetec
14:50Parallel connection of battery cells - Effect of parameter variance on current distribution and operating limitsProf. Oliver BohlenHochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München
15:20Experimental and numerical investigations of failure reaction mechanism of Li-ion battery during overcharge.PhD Yann FernandesCEA (Le Ripault) / ICARE laboratory (Orléans)
15:35A new, physically meaningful equivalent circuit network model of a lithium-ion battery accounting for local electrochemical and thermal behaviour, variable double layer capacitance and degradationDr Gregory OfferImperial College London



Session 1C: Automotive
Location: Weisser Saal
Session Chair: Markus Hackmann

14:20PRIMOVE High Performance Batteries for Electric Busses using Opportunity ChargingDr.-Ing. Robert SchimkeBombardier Transportation GmbH
14:35High Power Traction at Low Voltage - A Comparative Study from the Battery's PerspectiveFlorian BachheiblFEAAM GmbH
14:50Increased functional safety: Redundant temperature estimation of automotive batteriesClaudius JehleFraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systemes IVI
15:05Battery Design for an opportunity-charged Electric BusDr Reto FlückigerABB
15:20Battery requirements and lifetime management methodology from electric commercial vehicle systemic designDr Mikko PihlatieVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

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Parallel Session 2

Congress-Hall / Roter Saal / Weisser Saal

16:35  -  17:50

Session 2A: Lithium ion cells: materials and improvements on properties
Location: Congress-Hall
Session Chair: Horst Mettlach

16:35Lithium Plating - Root Cause, Post-Mortem Characterization, and Key Parameters to avoid it in Automotive ApplicationsDr. Thomas WaldmannZSW - Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung, Baden-Württemberg
17:05Origin of the asymmetry of charge-discharge curves of NCA-based lithium-ion battery cellsProf.Dr. rer. nat. habil. Wolfgang BesslerHochschule Offenburg
17:20Combined Impedance Study (EIS) and microstructure analysis (FIB/SEM) of intercalation electrodes: Determination of charge transfer parametersJanina CostardKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
17:35Local measurements within cylindrical lithium-ion batteries: How do tab pattern, frequency and temperature influence impedance?Dipl.-Ing. Simon ErhardTechnische Universität München (TUM)
17:50Multi-scale Investigation of Thickness Changes in a Lithium-Ion BatteryDipl.-Ing. Bernhard RiegerTU München



Session 2B: Battery systems
Location: Roter Saal
Session Chair: Dr. Helena Berg

16:35Measurement and simulation of the current distribution within parallel connected battery cellsMartin BrandTechnical University of Munich (TUM)
16:50aging mechanisms of Li-ion batteriesMsc Dongjiang LiEindhoven University of Technology
17:05Degradation Diagnostics for Lithium Ion CellsChristoph R. BirklUniversity of Oxford
17:35Study of correlation between aging at low temperatures and safety of commercial 18650-type lithium-ion cells in dependency of the state of chargeAlex FriesenMEET Battery Research Center, University of Muenster
17:50An Accurate Method to Determine the Integral Temperature of Li-ion Batteries in Electric VehiclesIr. Luc RaijmakersDelft University of Technology



Session 2C: Beyond and beside lithium-ion technology
Location: Weisser Saal
Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Janek

16:35New electrolyte composition for lithium-sulfur batteriesM.Sc. Sören ThiemeFraunhofer IWS
16:50Nickel/Sulfur composite electroplated nickel foams for the use as 3D cathode in lithium/sulfur cellsProf. Dr. Timo SörgelAalen University, Research Institute for Innovative Surfaces FINO
17:05Lithium Oberflächenmodifikation : ein technologischer Ansatz, um die elektrochemischen Performance der Lithium-Metall- Systeme zu verbessernDr. Marian Cristian StanMEET Battery Research Center
17:20Tailored electrolytes for long cycle life room temperature sodium-sulfur full cell batteriesM.Sc. Michael KohlFraunhofer IWS
17:35A new route towards multivalent batteries? The Ca-based batteryPhD Fanny BardéToyota Motor Europe

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Evening Reception

LWL Münster

20:00  -  22:00

Poster Award
LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur
Domplatz 10, 48143 Münster

27. April 2016

Planary Talk 1


09:00  -  09:45

Li-Ion and Post Li-Ion – From theoretical to usable energy densities
Prof. Dr. Peter Birke
University Stuttgart

Plenary Talk 2


09:45  -  10:30

Lithium-Ion Batteries from Science to Technologies: an Odyssey of Passion, Persistence, and Innovation

Dr. Chengdu Liang, Amperex Technology Limited, Ningde, China

Plenary Talk 3


10:30  -  11:15

Lightweight Battery Design for 24h Solar Flights Exemplified by Solar Impulse Project

Christoph Schäper
Air Energy Entwicklungsgesellschaft, Aachen

Plenary Talk 4


11:15  -  12:00

Developing Cells for Automotive Use: Always a Challenge
Peter Pilgram, Audi AG

Parallel Session 3

Congress-Hall / Roter Saal / Weisser Saal

13:40  -  14:55

Session 3A: Lithium ion cells: materials and improvements on properties
Location: Congress-Hall
Session Chair: Dr. Peter Pilgram

13:40Influence of the Electrolyte Composition on Li-Ion Batteries stored and cycled at 80 °CRonny GenieserWMG - Warwick Manufacturing Group at University of Warwick
14:10Ceramic polymer hybrid electrolyte for all-solid-state batteriesFrederieke LangerUniversity of Bremen
14:25Influence of electrolyte additives on the decomposition behaviour of LiPF6 based LIB electrolytesJennifer MenzelMEET Batterieforschungszentrum
14:40Influence of cation on lithium ion coordination and transport in ionic liquid electrolytesDr. Volker LeschHelmholtz-Institut Münster, Forschungszentrum Jülich
14:55Litarion GmbH: Lithium-Ion Technology Made in GermanyDr. Martin SchusterLitarion GmbH



Session 3B: Battery systems
Location: Roter Saal
Session Chair: Dr. Gerhard Hörpel and Prof. Dr. Arno Kwade

13:40Aging of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric VehiclesPeter KeilTechnical University of Munich (TUM)
13:55Understanding battery failure via advanced X-ray CTMr Donal FineganUniversity College London
14:10Thermal runaway of large automotive Li-ion batteries, quantification of the cell ventingDI Andrey GolubkovKompetenzzentrum - Das virtuelle Fahrzeug, Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
14:40About the influence of module design on ageing of Lithium-Ion cellsThorsten GrünKarlsruher Institut für Technologie
14:55Lifetime analysis of high energy lithium-ion batteries by impedance measurementsMichael WeissKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)



Session 3C: Stationary batteries
Location: Weisser Saal
Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Schweiger

13:40Redox flow batteries - An alternative for home-storage systems?Sebastian KönigKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
13:55Fragmented Local Community Battery Storage SystemsM.Sc. Marcus MüllerTechnische Universität München
14:10Offering multiple grid services in parallel while minimising battery degradationJorn ReniersUniversity of Oxford
14:25Scientific Evaluation of the German funding program for PV Battery SystemsM. Sc. Kai-Philipp KairiesRWTH Aachen
14:403,2 MWh Battery Storage interconnected with wind, PV and diesel as an Island-SolutionMichael BraunLeclanché GmbH

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Parallel Session 4

Congress-Hall / Roter Saal / Weisser Saal

15:40  -  16:55

Session 4A: Lithium ion cells: materials and improvements on properties
Location: Congress-Hall
Session Chair: Prof. Charles Delacourt and Dr. Peter Schroth

15:40Li Rich FCC Materials for Cathodes with Ultrahigh Energy DensitiesProf. Dr. Maximilian FichtnerHelmholtz-Institut Ulm (HIU)
16:10Environmental considerations on Li-Ion batteries and the influence of performance parametersDr. Jens PetersHelmholtz Institute for Electrochemical Energy Storage (HIU)
16:25Distribution of binder and carbon black in graphite electrodes for lithium ion batteries.Dipl. Phys. & M. Phys. Lukas PfaffmannKarlsruher Institute of Technology, Institute for Applied Materials - Energy Storage Systems (IAM-ESS)
16:40Modeling and Simulation of the Thermal Runaway of Li-Ion Cells - Computing Critical ParametersDipl.-Ing. Boxia LeiKarlsruher Institut für Technologie
16:55Lithium distribution in LIB cellsBritta VortmannMEET-Battery Research Center, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster



Session 4B: Production of battery systems and cells
Location: Roter Saal
Session Chair: Dr. Eberhard Meissner

15:40Current Challenges in Coating and Drying of Li-Ion Battery ElectrodesDipl.-Ing. Stefan JaiserKarlsruhe Institute of Technology
15:55Challenges in implementation of silicon based anode materials into battery cell productionDr. Sebastian SchebestaVOLKSWAGEN VARTA Microbattery Forschungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
16:10Processing of cathode active materials: from powders to electrodes - a material supplier's point of viewDr.-Ing. Fatih ÇetinelBASF SE
16:40Adhesion defects detection with ultrasonic methods in the coating process of Lithium-Ion batteries cathodes and anodesDipl. Wirt.-Ing. Alexander GitisRWTH Aachen University
16:55Fully Continuous Mixing of LIB Electrode SlurriesDr. Adrian SpillmannBühler AG



Session 4C: Beyond and beside lithium-ion technology
Location: Weisser Saal
Session Chair: Dr. Jens Tübke and Armin Warm

15:40Comprehensive insights into the SEI layer and reactivity of Na - based
Dr Gebrekidan Gebresilassie EshetuHelmholtz Institute of Ulm (HIU), Ulm, Germany
15:55Combination of Li3V1.95Ni0.05(PO4)3/C, Li4Ti5O12 and activated carbon for the development of high energy and power Li-ion supercapacitorsDr. Secchiaroli MarcoZSW-Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung
16:25Anion BatteriesDr Fabienne GschwindHelmholtz Institute Ulm
16:40Material interactions during manufacturing of solid-state batteriesDr. Sven UhlenbruckForschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

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17:30  -  19:00

Visit of MEET – for participants only

Start of the visit: 6:00 pm, MEET foyer
Departure: 5:30 pm, bus stop in front of the conference hall
End of the visit: 7:00 pm; return to the conference hall by bus is possible


The MEET Battery Research Centers offers the participants of the Battery Day NRW and the symposium “Advanced Battery Power” to visit the institute after the respective conference. The transport to MEET by bus will be organized. Up to 50 people can take part in each visit.