Parallelsession 1

26. April 2016

14:20  -  15:35
Kongress-Hall / Roter Saal / Weisser Saal

Session 1A: Lithium ion cells: materials and improvements on properties
Veranstaltungsort: Kongress-Saal
Sessionleiter: Dr. Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens

14:20Towards high performance and scalable preparation of Si based anode materialsProfessor Jun YangShanghai Jiao Tong University
14:50Conversion-alloying anode materials for lithium-ion batteriesFranziska MüllerKarlsruher Institute of Technology
15:05Carbon black structures in NCM cathodes - Quantification and correlation with electrode propertiesHenrike BockholtTechnische Universität Braunschweig
15:20Surface analysis of Li-ion battery composite cathodes: SEI composition in function of spatial origin and cycling protocolNatalia SchulzDarmstadt University of Technology
15:35Beneficial effect of sulfur and boron-based electrolyte additives on the cycling stability of a lithium-rich cathode material at high potentialDr. Agnese BirrozziKarlsruhe Institute of Technology



Session 1B: Battery systems
Veranstaltungsort: Roter Saal
Sessionleiter: Prof. Dr. Peter Birke and Dr. Christian Hille

14:20Using Simpler Measuring Methods for Electrical Modelling of Lithium-Ion-Batteries in Cost-Efficient, Self-Sufficient Energy SystemsM. Sc. Pablo Korth Pereira FerrazTechnische Universität Berlin
14:35Different simulation methodologies approach for a lithium-ion energy storage systems thermal behavior.Dr Gorka VertizIk4-Cidetec
14:50Parallel connection of battery cells - Effect of parameter variance on current distribution and operating limitsProf. Oliver BohlenHochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München
15:20Experimental and numerical investigations of failure reaction mechanism of Li-ion battery during overcharge.PhD Yann FernandesCEA (Le Ripault) / ICARE laboratory (Orléans)
15:35A new, physically meaningful equivalent circuit network model of a lithium-ion battery accounting for local electrochemical and thermal behaviour, variable double layer capacitance and degradationDr Gregory OfferImperial College London



Session 1C: Automotive
Veranstaltungsort: Weisser Saal
Sessionleiter: Markus Hackmann

14:20PRIMOVE High Performance Batteries for Electric Busses using Opportunity ChargingDr.-Ing. Robert SchimkeBombardier Transportation GmbH
14:35High Power Traction at Low Voltage - A Comparative Study from the Battery's PerspectiveFlorian BachheiblFEAAM GmbH
14:50Increased functional safety: Redundant temperature estimation of automotive batteriesClaudius JehleFraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systemes IVI
15:05Battery Design for an opportunity-charged Electric BusDr Reto FlückigerABB
15:20Battery requirements and lifetime management methodology from electric commercial vehicle systemic designDr Mikko PihlatieVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

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